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In today’s fast paced and busy environment who has time to clean windows?  We do!

Here at Quick-N-Clean Services not only do we brighten your view, we take care of the dirty work that you don’t want or have time for.

In addition to the standard spring and fall window cleaning scheduling, we perform last minute or one time cleaning for that special event you’re planning.  You can count on our guaranteed satisfaction pledge to ensure exceptional immediate improvement to your home’s appearance.

In addition to window cleaning, our professionals perform screen cleaning, chandelier cleaning, mirrors, ceiling fans, high dusting, gutter cleaning and power washing to enhance the look of your property. A friendly attitude and smile provided at no extra charge.

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A clean, sharp and neat appearance is very important for every business image.

Whether a small storefront, a restaurant chain, low or mid-rise office building that requires lift equipment, we’ll do the job right.  We clean windows based on your needs:  one time, biweekly, monthly or annually.  We confidently provide the level of quality service you deserve from a professional window cleaner.

We conveniently operate out of two local offices in the Delaware Valley that service Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and the Lehigh Valley.

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Window cleaning is an often-overlooked task, but clean windows and window screens go a long way toward improving the overall appearance of a home. Window cleaning can be a dangerous job, especially on a multi-story residence, so many homeowners save themselves the time, hassle, and risk of injury by hiring professional help. In addition to cleaning the windows, an experienced contractor can often clean other interior and exterior elements of the home.

Cleaning Frequency

Most experts recommend that homeowners get their windows professionally cleaned a minimum of twice per year. In northern areas, these cleanings usually take place during the spring and fall when screens and storm windows are exchanged for the seasons. In some areas of Philadelphia, the high mineral content of rainwater may cause stubborn hard water spots on windows; homeowners may wish to contract for additional cleanings to resolve this issue.

Many window cleaning companies offer other types of window services, including cleaning and repair of screens and caulking, so all window maintenance can be done at once.

Window Cleaning Methods

There are a number of typical methods of cleaning for professional window washers. Some residential window cleaners hand wash windows, which has the advantage of allowing the cleaner to attend to the work in greater detail. The workers may use ladders equipped with pads at the top in order to prevent damage to the home’s siding. Water-fed pole cleaning, in which the window is cleaned with high-pressure purified water forced through a long tube, has the advantage of being faster than hand washing, and it allows the cleaner to remain on the ground for most residential jobs.

Homeowners may also wish to ask their potential window cleaner about the nature of the cleaning agents that will be used. It is very important that the cleaning solution not contain hydrofluoric acid, which, though used in some commercial cleaning fluids, has a high reactivity with glass and can cause etching or pitting.

Industry Standards

The window cleaning industry has a professional organization, the International Window Cleaning Association. The IWCA outlines a code of ethics and sets standards for service and safety within the industry. Contractors who are members of the IWCA also have access to additional training in safety methods developed by the industry. The IWCA provides good, reliable information and guidelines for homeowners seeking to hire professional window cleaners. One of the suggestions by the IWCA is for homeowners to ensure that a window cleaner carries liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, or power washing, is another service that is often provided by window cleaners. Typically used to clean decks, patios, concrete, and exterior walls, this process entails directing a jet of water exerting up to 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure along surfaces at varying angles and spreads. Chemicals or solvents may be added to aid in cleaning specific types of stains and certain surface materials.

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